Are You Using QuickBooks Online's Mobile App

Are You Using QuickBooks Online’s Mobile App?

Even if you don’t travel for work (but especially if you do), you should explore what QuickBooks Online’s mobile app has to offer. You already know how convenient it is to be able to access your company’s financial data from any desktop or laptop computer that has an internet connection. Still, there are times when…

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Improve Your Cash Flow

Simple Options to Improve your Personal Cashflow

It is very simple: To gain wealth, you must spend less than you earn. Being fiscally astute is not rocket science. Let’s review simple options to help you turn your spending habits around and achieve a positive personal cash flow. Settle bills by the due date unless there is an incentive to pay early. Your…

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Managing Your Cash Flow

Are You Managing Your Personal Cashflow

Client Sue and Richard are a newly married professional couple. They have no children and earn a very decent income as corporate lawyers. The mystery was they were living pay to pay. Truth be told, they were behind! They had acquired few assets other than a great car, substantial wardrobes and an eclectic wine collection.…

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Do you know what your Hygienist is producing per day, per month, or per year for your practice?

These are important numbers that you should know because your hygienists are thinking that ”they are only working for your practice to provide quality care to the patients not to make the doctor money”. Or maybe their view is “I am already busy enough, I don’t have time to worry about making money” If this…

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What Is a Vendor Credit, and How Do You Record One?

Whether you’re getting a vendor credit for a refund or a return, you can record it in QuickBooks Online. When you’re dealing with your company’s vendors, you’re probably accustomed to money flowing in one direction: theirs. Maybe you send them purchase orders and they send you invoices. Or they send you bills and you pay…

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How A Husband And Wife Transformed Their Business And Met Conflicting Goals

The case study explores how the owners of a Sandwich Kiosk business were able to meet both their goals as a husband-and-wife team while increasing income and reducing the burden of running a small business. David Page was a firefighter who loved his work. That said, he was getting older and wanted an exit strategy…

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Hire For Culture, Train For Skills

Cultural fit is a concept that can be hard to define but everyone knows when it is missing. Simply put, cultural fit is the likelihood that a person will be able to effortlessly live your business core values and behaviors. If you assess cultural fit throughout your recruitment process, you will ensure you hire people…

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7 Best Practices for QuickBooks Online

Even if you’ve been using QuickBooks Online for a long time, it’s good to step back and evaluate your actions. “Best practices” aren’t enforceable rules. They’re simply guidelines businesses commonly follow in one area or another. If you’re in retail, for example, one best practice might be to always ask customers checking out if they…

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